Things to consider when you move.

Moving can be a very stressful process if one is not properly prepared and ready. Apart from all the planning and preparation that goes into moving, there are added stresses such as the reliability of your movers and storage companies; the safety and security of your belongings whilst in transit; the packaging of valuables and so forth which is why we have identified a few considerations for your moving day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.32.04 PMMoving together with packing can be a tedious, unenjoyable and perplexing task if you are not properly prepared and organised. Having said this, a great way for you to avoid confusion and an overwhelming sense of disorganisation is to pack according to each room of your new home

Packing your boxes according to rooms makes the delivery and the unpacking process that much easier, after all the quicker you are able to organise your belongings, unpack and settle in, the better.

Alongside this we advise that you make certain you are present when your movers are picking up and packing your belongings. Alternatively, if you cannot be present then be sure to arrange a friend or family member to be there throughout this process so as to safeguard yourself and your belongings as well as conduct inventory checks with the movers to ensure everything is on track for your move.

dreamstime_xxl_10545545Moving provides you with the perfect opportunity to spring clean your home and dispose of any unnecessary belongings, allowing you to start afresh in your new space. There is no better feeling than moving into a new home that is clean and clutter free.

While spring cleaning allows you to get rid of any unwanted junk, it is important to remember that there may be items that you would prefer to keep but there may not be place for them in your new home for whatever the reason. This is where off-site storage comes in handy.

Considering off-site storage for your move is a great way to ensure the safety of belongings that may not come into play at this stage of the process. There may be instances where some of your belongings do not necessarily suit the layout of your new home or maybe there just isn’t enough space for them. By utilising off-site storage you are able to store these belongings in a safe and cost-effective manner until your new home is better suited to house them.

We are fully aware that the moving process is tiring and calls for a very long day so be sure to pack a suitcase with overnight essentials. Ensuring that you have packed an overnight bag with all of your essentials in will allow you to relax and get some rest on the first night in your new home without having to sift through boxes in order to find you toothbrush or pyjamas.

Lastly, the cleaning. We all know that cleaning a new home before moving in or whilst in the process of moving can make the move that much more unenjoyable. We advise that you schedule a cleaner or make sure your domestic worker is there with you the day of and the day after your move.

CleaningMoving into a new home that is dusty and dirty is not a pleasant experience. Ensuring that you have a cleaning service on hand or your domestic worker with you for the day of and day after the move will make the process that much easier.

For more on moving day tips, please download our free moving day tips and be sure to make your move an enjoyable one. Should you require any off-site storage, we at StorTown are here to help, visit our website for more information with regards to our service offering.

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