Upper Highway Golf Day

On Friday the 24th of March 2017, StorTown sponsored a hole at the ‘What’s that Smell Golf Day’ which was sponsored by Wakefields and Cotswold Downs. The purpose of the Golf Day was to raise funds for the Upper Highway Air NPO, and create awareness for the great work being done by this organisation to regain the clean air that the upper highway area was once celebrated for. StorTown sponsored the 13th hole, and even the stormy weather couldn’t affect our StorTown banners – with a view of Nguni Way StorTown in the background, which is just a quick drive up the road from Cotswold Downs. 128 Golfers took part in the golf day, and the day resulted in R162,000 being raised for Upper Highway Air.

The current air pollution crisis in the upper highway is affecting the lives of many residents, and this includes children, the elderly, and animals. The Upper Highway Air NPO keeps our community informed about current progress as they confront EnviroServ, and acts as the perfect platform for residents to submit complaints and find support.

StorTown Golf Day FlagsAs a company with two stores situated in the Upper Highway Area, StorTown is incredibly concerned about the long-term effects that the smell is having on our surrounding community. StorTown are in full support of the great work being done by Upper Highway Air, and with everyone in our community who is fighting the effects of this horrible smell.

If you would like to find out more about the work being done, and to educate yourself about the smell in the upper highway, visit: www.upperhighwayair.co.za and if you are experiencing any difficulty with the smell, submit a complaint on their website or using their app.

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