Top tips for planning your wedding

There’s a lot of excitement around your big day, as well as a lot to do! The biggest secret to having the best, most enjoyable day is planning!

CS4193_StorTown_March-2017_Blog-ImageHere are some top tips to kick-off your planning, and to help you enjoy the experience:

  1. Money first: While it might not be everyone’s favourite topic, it’s important to talk about money before setting your mind on wedding plans. Sit down with your partner and discuss your budget. What will you spend on the venue? Your dress? The decor? Who will be paying for all things wedding? If your parents or in-laws are contributing, what does that mean for the decisions you’ll be making? Once you know how much you can spend and on what, you can get moving without any nasty surprises down the line. 
  2. DIY or supply: Make a list of all the elements needed for your wedding, for example, venue, food, cake, ceremony, bar, decor, lighting, music etc. Then decide if you need professional help, or if you’re going to get crafty and do some of it yourself (this can save money and add a personal touch to the proceedings) Remember from a wedding planner to a caterer, suppliers need to be tested out, booked in advance, and paid for long before the big day. 
  3. The hardest list of all: Your guest list can be a stressful undertaking, especially if you have limited space or budget. Work out how many people you can invite and then write down your ideal guest list. You will probably be surprised at how many people are on it! If you need to cut it down, organise it in order of priority with immediate family, closest friends, more distant relatives, work colleagues, etc.and then cut from the bottom up. 
  4. Know your VIPs: Put together your bridal party as soon as possible. From bridesmaids to groomsmen, make sure everyone knows their duties and what is required of them. This is particularly important for members who might be travelling from far away, or who have serious work or family commitments of their own that they need to manage in order to be there for you. 
  5. Keep your wedding belongings safe: Ensure your home doesn’t become a cluttered wedding venue! Keep your items safe and out of your way by renting one of our self-storage units in the months before your big day. A small unit should help you avoid damaging or losing these items, and keep track of what still needs to be ordered for your wedding. Your home should be your sanctuary during these busy months. 
  1. After the wedding: You will probably go through a bit of a transition period after your wedding day. It is therefore a great idea to keep your self storage unit, especially when the Honeymoon calls or you move into your new home as newlyweds.   

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