Tiny kitchen, no storage? Fix that with these 7 quick tips…

Have a tiny kitchen without much storage space but loads of kitchen goodies? Don’t despair – follow these 7 storage tips and you’ll have your kitchen space organised in no time:


1. Up, up, and away:
Can you store your pots and pans on a pot rack or smaller items like canisters on a shelf above your stove top or on a window ledge? Getting awkwardly shaped items out of the cupboards and off work surfaces can free up valuable space and make them easy to reach when needed.

2. Show off:
You probably have platters and decorative plates you never use but don’t want to get rid of. Consider making them into works of art – having them on the wall will also protect them from damage and give you more room.


3. Declutter sink space:
Gather up loose sponges and dishcloths in a desk organiser, pocket organiser, or small wire rack and attach to a nearby shelf or cupboard. Removing clutter will automatically make a space feel bigger and more organised.

4. Double time:
Take a good look at the shelves in your kitchen – they have two sides! Display items on top and use the bottom as hanging storage space. You can hang small hooks for items like teacups or screw mason jars into the underside of a shelf for items such as seeds, nuts, and spices.


5. File it away:
Fix a metal magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard door to neatly store cling wrap, tin foil, and wax paper boxes. This gets them out of the way and keeps them within easy reach.

6. Put a lid on it:
Pot lids are an awkward shape and can take up valuable space, even when stored in a dedicated pot drawer. Use a tension rod on the inside of the pot drawer and stand pot lids up to create space.


7. Magnetise to optimise:
Instead of a knife block or drawers stuffed with sharp utensils, get a magnetic knife strip and store your knives and metal cooking utensils in plain sight.


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