The Upside of Downsizing

Are you looking to retire? Have your children recently found their own apartments, leaving you with a big empty nest? Perhaps you’re simply relocating to a better area with less space. Whatever your reason for downsizing, moving into a smaller living space is no easy task! Fortunately, self-storage is a great option to make the process easier, allowing you to enjoy your new home without saying goodbye to the items you’re still hung up on.

StorTown-Blog_Image2Saving Money

It comes as no surprise that downsizing generally means saying goodbye to some of your stuff, however, with self-storage units you can put all of it away before having to sort through it. After all, the rent of a storage unit is a lot lower than a room in a home.

Sentimental Storage

There comes a lot of pride with your kids leaving the nest, but they also tend to leave behind many sentimental items, such as trophies and old toys. What’s more, are the photo albums and special gifts that have accumulated throughout their lifetime, which also tend to take up some space. While not all of these will fit into your new place, renting a storage unit will protect their precious items and the memories they hold.

Seasonal Storage

If you are using areas of your current dwelling as storage space then you will probably benefit from seasonal storage. Whether they‘re winter clothes, holiday decorations, or even summer sports equipment, self-storage provides you with a convenient space to store your items.

Organising and Simplifying

With humans being collectors by nature, it is important to ensure that countless boxes don’t leave you overwhelmed!A good way to tame the chaos is by moving as much into storage as possible, allowing for an organised move to your new home. This can also act as a great test as to what you need and what you can live without, giving you more confidence in your decision to downsize.

Frequent Movers

If you have a job that moves you all over the country or you simply have the spirit of a gypsy, you probably have a firm grasp on moving procedures. However, there are still ways to make the process a lot easier by keeping a large portion of your things in storage, eliminating the need to worry about more than the essentials during your move.

Temporary Movers

There often comes a time when temporary work requires you to move, leaving you with the option of renting out your house while you are away. Store your valuables and the items that won’t fit in your new space to avoid having to re-purchase anything once your work contract expires.

With all that in mind, it is safe to say that self-storage unit is an invaluable asset for those looking to downsize.

If you’d like to rid yourself of added stress and items during your move, then StorTown is the perfect place for all scenarios, especially with our brand-new smaller units based in Hillcrest. Enquire for a small unit now, and you will receive your First Month’s rental for Only R1. (T&C’s Apply).

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