THANK YOU! Together we made a difference.


Christmas came to Siyajabula Creche on Monday the 7th of December! Thank you for donating your unused goods, with the money raised we could supply teddies, blankets and a brand new stove. Stortown and it’s customers have put smiles on many little faces this festive season.

Siyajabula Creche has been cooking from an old two plate stove, this week they received a brand new 4 plate stove and oven. A huge thanks must be extended to Hircsh’s Hillcrest for partnering with Stortown Cares making this possible.

Special mention must be made of all our Stortown customers for their contribution to the project and their continued support. Thank you to everyone who dropped off their unused goods, it goes a long way in making some Christmas wishes come true!

A big thank you to Busi and Menzi, our Brackenhill Stortown Managers, for all their dedication and handwork.


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