StorTown’s 5 tips to help get you organised this September!

De-clutter your existing house before you pack. Don’t add to the cost of moving by moving stuff you are going to throw away anyway. The first step is to sort your clothes or other items in your garage into piles:

• A pile of stuff that needs to be thrown away.

• A pile of things that need to be recycled, e.g. an old appliance/magazines.

• And lastly, a pile of articles that can be given away and/or donated to charity, e.g. clothes you have not worn in the past year.

donations 1
Family Packing Boxes Together

Pack the items you use less frequently first and save your everyday items until last. Be sure to pack a box or bag of things you will need for your first night (in case the truck gets to your new home after you do).

Don’t make more work for yourself then you need to. Wrap your make-up and cutlery draws in glad wrap so that you don’t need to unpack every single draw when you settle in your new home.

We’ve all heard about cut-outs as a clothing trend! Now it’s time to make small triangular cut-outs on the side of your boxes. Use a small craft knife. This will make them easier to carry. Another helpful hint is to remember to place your heavier items in smaller boxes (the boxes are more manageable to carry that way!).

Pack your boxes according to your individual rooms. If you colour code and label your boxes for each room, the movers will know where to take each box, without you having to micro-manage everyone involved in this already stressful day!


If you are moving into a smaller home or waiting on renovations and need somewhere to safely store your belongings, contact us today:

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