StorTown Bless A Child Campaign

IMG_1739A few weeks ago, StorTown helped deliver groceries to Siyajabula aftercare and crèche. Food was bought using the money that was collected by selling some items that some of our customers had donated and a bakkie was filled with fresh fruit, rice, potatoes, onions and samp – some of the basics that the underprivileged in Siyajabula lack.

We were welcomed by a few teachers of the aftercare and some of the children too, which made for warm hearts. We later heard that the owner of the crèche, Elizabeth, had been in Pinetown doing some grocery shopping herself but was worried that she was only able to afford a few things.

IMG_1743She then arrived back to a pile of food and was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. The people of Siyajabula expressed their amazement at God’s continuous provision and perfect timing.
Helping the underprivileged gives us at StorTown great pride. We are thankful to our customers who have donated various items that we were able to sell and collect money with which to buy the food.
Our belief is that we are to work hard at what we do, provide our customers with excellent service and give back to those who have less than we do. We appreciate and value your help to provide for those less fortunate.

Stortown’s end of the year project is to help Siyajabula and other creches with our “bless a child” campaign; there are many ways that our customers and members of the community can get involved.

IMG_1744The aim is to provide each child with a Christmas gift so we are asking for donations of a monetary value and StorTown will put together a Christmas box or alternatively donate items from our Christmas box wishlist: toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, soap, towel, sweets, biscuits, crayons, colouring books, shoes, pyjamas or books.
If you would like to donate any of the above, please contact our office and we will advise on where to drop it off. We at StorTown are extremely grateful to all our customers for their continued support and look forward to working on many more community projects.

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