Storage Tips to Declutter Your Home

It is often said that home is where the heart is and that the state of your spaces can very easily reflect the state of your life. If you’re living in a cluttered space and you’re looking for a clearer head, we’ve got the answer for you.

There probably isn’t a single house that doesn’t have at least some clutter lying around – and if you’ve stepped into one that appears to be clutter-free, they’ve either done a great job at hiding it or they’ve used a few of the following tips to declutter your home.
Say goodbye to cluttered living rooms, messy hallways and chaotic cupboards!

Set Goals
It is a really good idea to plan for your anti-clutter affair, regardless of how much clutter you may think you have or how many rooms your home has. Highlight clutter ‘hotspots’, rate each one on the severity of mess so that you can tackle the messiest rooms first and set completion dates to give you the right amount of time to work on specific areas.

Create a Sorting System
Whilst going through all of the spaces in your home, make use of a sorting system that allows you to get the job done with a lot more ease. A technique that has worked wonders for homes in need of a good de-cluttering is something that we have coined the 3-Box Sorting Technique. Simply label 3 boxes (or checklists if you’re going through big items) to put all of your items in and mark them ‘Keep’, ‘Toss’ and ‘Storage’.

Commit to Tossing the Junk
If your space is home to both you and clutter, then there is going to be a bit of junk in the aforementioned box that we suggested you create. It may not necessarily be junk, but it if it is no longer useful then it is probably a good idea to give it away – and you’ll feel great doing it! If you still can’t seem to part with it, put it in a Self-Storage Unit.

Start Small
Before you commit to sorting through your messiest room, it is probably a good idea to start small so that you don’t get too overwhelmed and simply give up. This can be done by tackling smaller spaces, one at a time, within your chosen room. Tackle single drawers, shelves or corners of the room individually and before you know it you’ll be looking at a clean, uncluttered room!

Clear Flat Surfaces
Some of the biggest clutter magnets in your home, flat surfaces like counter tops and shelves collect things like mail, magazines, small appliances and other knick-knacks that make your home appear unorganised and untidy. We’re not saying you have to adopt the minimalist look and put absolutely everything away, but it may be a good idea to dedicate drawers or storage boxes to the unattractive items that tend to collect on flat surfaces.

Put Like Things Together
The final thing, and certainly one of the most important, tip to mention is to categorise and organise your home by putting things of a similar nature with each other. This will ultimately allow you to make your life a little easier when it comes time to find the things that you have put away. The boxes that you are putting into storage should be treated in the same way and clearly labelled to ensure your experience is that much more effortless.

To get your hands on a self-storage unit and a tidier home, Contact Us today!

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