Spring cleaning tips for a fresh start

Spring is just round the corner and that means it’s time to refresh your home with a good, old fashioned clean up.


Ready to do it?

Here are our seven top tips to make your spring cleaning mission a breeze:

1. While you probably give your kitchen a surface clean on a regular basis, take a look at your bigger appliances. Start with the fridge. Empty it out and remove any expired food. Remove each shelf and wash it in hot soapy water before drying it properly and returning it to the fridge. If your fridge doesn’t self-defrost, now is the time to tackle that task.

2. We often neglect to clean the dishwasher – because it cleans things for us, right? But your dishwasher could be underperforming due to a build up of food and grime. Clear away any bits of food from the trays and drain, refill the salt and rinse aid containers, and wipe the dishwasher down inside and out on at least a monthly basis. You can also use a speciality dishwasher cleaner to ensure your dishwasher is squeaky clean.

3. When was the last time you cleaned the taps in your kitchen or bathroom, rather than just the sinks they pour into? To clean any metallic faucet, lay paper towels soaked with white vinegar over the faucet and let them soak for an hour. This will make lime scale build up easy to wipe away. For a shower head, tie a plastic bag filled with white vinegar over the head and let it sit for a while.

4. Welcome a new season by washing your windows inside and outside. Use warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Despite what you might have heard, don’t use newspaper – it’s messy and dirty. Use a clean cloth or a windshield squeegee to prevent any streaks or messes.

5. While you thinking windows, have a look at your curtains, drapes, and blinds. Are they in need of a clean? Launder curtains as per their instructions and wipe blinds down with a clean cloth. Make sure they’re completely dry before you hang them back up to avoid any mould. To refresh your drapes, you can run them through a short tumbler dryer cycle with a wet towel to draw off the dust.

6. Light fittings and ceiling fans can be major dust traps. Unscrew and clean all light fittings and wipe ceiling fans blades to remove dust. Want to keep them cleaner for longer? Cover the blades with a coat of furniture polish, wipe it off, and buff them.

7. Blankets and duvet inners don’t always need to be washed but they may need to be aired after a long, stuffy winter. Hang them outside in the sun for a day to freshen them up. Then save some space by storing them away for next year.


Found some things during your big spring clean that you want to keep but don’t have space for at home? Visit your closest Stortown branch – we have the perfect sized storage unit for all your storage needs.

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