Spring cleaning made easy

Spring is just around the corner and that leads us to contemplate the annual ‘Spring Clean’. Look at it as an opportunity to reflect, clean, cleanse and rid yourself of unwanted chaos and clutter.

Ever wondered why you are still holding onto your pasta maker (that was used once in 2003)? Or why your scatter cushions from the previous decade are still lurking in your cupboard eating up much needed space?

Here are a few tips for you and remember items that you still might need on occasion can easily be stored at StorTown in Hillcrest, Durban (24 hour access – so if you do have that Italian dinner party you can quickly reclaim your pasta maker!).

  1. Tackle one room at a time
  2. Open the windows to get fresh air into the room
  3. Declutter first. Look through drawers, containers or boxes and consider what you actually do use and what is not essential and just adding to your clutter
  4. Have labelled boxes handy for items which you would like to: store, donate, recycle, bin or keep but move to another room
  5. Be prepared to make small repairs – ie. Tighten handles, change light bulbs
  6. Check you have cleaning supplies and cloths before you start
  7. If you can (super powers maybe) involve your children but remember star charts may need adding to!
  8. Clean the room from top down and dust before vacuuming – make it sparkle!
  9. When cleaning your bedroom – put mattresses and pillows in the sun (ideally this should be done monthly, another thing to add to your long list!)
  10. If you have carpets, call in the carpet cleaners
  11. Don’t forget about your garage – probably the space in your home that will need the most attention!
  12. Encourage your business to also do a spring clean – boxing and storing old documents and files will create loads of new space
  13. Paint one or two rooms to create a clean, fresh look
  14. Plant an indigenous tree or bush to celebrate Spring, Arbor Day and all things green
  15. Put on the kettle and have a well-deserved cup of tea!

So you have done it – Spring Clean 2013 done and dusted! Extra boxes or items? Contact StorTown to book your self-storage unit and enjoy your new found space.

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