Small apartment, no spare space? Think self-storage!

For anyone who has rented or bought property lately, you might have noticed that apartments are smaller than ever before. Many first-time home owners or renters have affordability as a key focus and have chosen to live in one or two bedroom apartments while studio apartments have also become very popular, especially for singles.  

Apartment living offers some great perks such as security, low maintenance costs, and generally cheaper rental prices than free standing houses. The downfall of this style of living? Lack of closet and general storage space!

How do you determine if you are a good candidate for renting self-storage? Start by making a list of all your possessions and group them into how often they get used. Click here for our free moving checklist. Think of seasonality and clothing – how often do you wear that heavy winter coat or use your water skis? These items can easily be moved to a storage unit without affecting your daily life – in fact, they would make it better by freeing up valuable space!

Storing sentimental furniture pieces might also be a way to make some extra space in your flat. A beautiful antique piece of furniture might not work in your current space but there is no need to get rid of it, especially if you don’t want to or think you will use it one day in a bigger home. Stored with the right storage facility, it can be kept safe for future use.

Ease of access is a major consideration in making a storage unit work for you. Pick a reputable facility close to home – a facility like StorTown!








Here are some reasons why StorTown is the right choice for you:

Safe, Secure & Clean

Add cleanliness and security to your check list and you’re on your way!

Location.. Location…Location…

StorTown in Durban is conveniently located which makes it a perfect storage facility for anyone living in Glenwood, Musgrave or the Berea while the Hillcrest facility is just right for Upper Highway residents and in conveniently open 24/7.

1200 Self-Storage units of different Sizes

We offer small units which would suit anyone who is looking to declutter their appartment and we can guide you as to the size of unit best suited to your needs.

Month to Month Rental

Easy payment terms for your convenience.

On-site Management

An organised, well managed operation.

Visit our website today to find the best StorTown for you!

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