Siyajabula Creche

I recently found the definition of the name willow.  It means “bringer of hope”.  I then experienced this hope when a bunch of people got together and brought hope to a humble little creche in the Embo valley.  We first met Elizabeth who runs Siyajabula towards the end of 2012. And so, began the journey.  
We started a project where by customers as well as the public could donate their unwanted goods to help this crèche. They were invited to leave the goods at our Stortown branches in Hillcrest as well as Durban.  Our goal was to help Elizabeth and by using a motto “find a need fill a need”, we did just that. While it did not take long to see the great need, it was important to find out what was on Elizabeth’s priority list.   
We began collecting the donations and raised just over R4000. With this money we went straight up to Bothas Hill Build-It, who generously gave us materials at cost. And then the building began. With a bakkie loaded with bricks, we drove up and down the hill dropping off bricklayers, plasterers, sand and cement.  The project started to take shape.  We went to clean the classroom and arrange the new donations.  
The first day back at school the children got new walls and doors, as well as  new toys, a new cot, a reading corner, blackboards,and practical things like disposable nappies and  a dustbin. The teacher also  got a desk and chair.  
Elizabeth received kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery for her kitchen.   Elizabeth’s words were: “I am so proud of my school”. What a privilege to be part of this process.  We want to take this opportunity to thank every single person for everything you have given. We are going to continue to work with Siyajabula as there are a few more things on our list we would love to still do.   Thank you for being bringers of hope.   
If you have any ways to help with the crèche, please contact Stortown via our website Our website also offers some information on our self-storage facilities which are available in Hillcrest and Durban central.

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