What Service Should You Expect from A Self-Storage Facility

Rate your self storage experience. We have a few ideas for the kind of service that you should expect from your local self-storage facility, and this should go a long way in helping you choose the right facility to store with.

stortown-sept2016-blog-02We thought we would start off with communication, because this is the crux of all good service. If you make contact telephonically, expect a friendly attitude from a well-spoken employee. If you are requesting a quote, the staff member should ask you for some details around what you are looking to store. They will discuss their different size storage units and typically offer up a solution that would meet your needs. It is also critical that you are made aware of the terms and conditions and policies of that facility. Perhaps, you would like to stop by and have a look at the storage facility, expect well- presented and friendly staff who are patient enough to explain the rental agreement and costs involved. As a customer, don’t hesitate to ask questions and staff members should be knowledgeable enough to answer them or happy to find out information on your behalf.

Putting your mind at ease. Entrusting strangers with your possessions can be a bit overwhelming, so we hope that the self-storage facility does everything they can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. When it comes to caring for your belongings, it is important that the security aspects of the premises are explained in detail. Should the facility offer 24/7 access, it should be outlined whether the facilities are secured around the clock and also whether there would be anyone on the site should an issue arise. Information should be provided on the security of the actual self-storage unit; whereby good quality locks should be visible and it should be explained further that the customer will receive his or her own key with which to access the rental unit.

Going the extra mile is something that sets a storage facility apart from the rest. We believe that storage facilities should be very transparent and happy to show prospective tenants the units and also provide different unit options. Everyone is looking to save time, especially around moving day, so we enjoy a storage facility that offers packing supplies at a competitive rate. We also appreciate a company that goes the extra mile by offering up a bottle of water or even a coffee when they see someone could do with it. These may seem like insignificant items but collectively it forms a great service, and that is what customers are looking for.

stortown-sept2016-blog-01The service you receive is meant to be as efficient and easy for the you, the customer, making your storage hassle free.

Should you be looking for self-storage in the near future, we hope you have the best experience with all the above service levels met.

At Stortown, we pride ourselves on great customer service. We would appreciate your feedback on any issue you may have had, so we can improve our self storage service. Please email admin@stortown.co.za.

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