What Self Storage Unit is right for your goods?

You may find that you have a big collection of items that you no longer use or need. You may also need the extra space in your home that these items are taking up but don’t necessarily want to sell them, especially if they are valuable. Then making use of a self storage unit is a great way to securely store these items until you need them again and giving you the space you need in your home.

To help you choose the right type of self storage unit for your items, here is a breakdown of the various self storage unit type that we offer at StorTown:

Indoor Self Storage Units


These units are located indoors, which provides you with the added security of an enclosed area. Some of the benefits to an indoor unit is that they are protected from external weather, they are clean, secure and waterproof. Our indoor self storage units come in a variety of sizes, as outlined below, from a 2.5m2 unit to store a few small items to shade cloth units to store your boats, caravans, trailers or cars.


Outdoor Self Storage Units – Shade Cloth

You may not have enough space on your own premises for extra cars, boats, caravans, and trailers, then this type of unit is ideal. You can securely lock up your vehicles, boats & caravans and access them whenever you need to.


A Variety of Self Storage Sizes

We have a variety of self storage units available to suit your storage needs. Perhaps you are just revamping your small office and then a smaller unit will be suitable for your goods, otherwise if you are moving or emigrating a larger unit may be more suitable for your goods.


5 x 3m

• 6x6m – Double = 36m2

• 6x3m – Single = 18m2

• 5x3m – Short Single = 15m2

• 3x3m – Half Single = 9m2


3 x 3m

• 3×1.5m – 1/4 Single = 4.5m2

• 2,5x1m = 2.5m2

• Shade cloth (Outdoor Self Storage Unit): for your boats, caravans, trailers or cars.

Benefits of Using StorTown Self Storage Units

The benefits of renting a self storage unit at StorTown is that we have a 24-hour patrol guard with an armed response team who are on call 24-hours, tenants can access their units at any time of the day or night, and we offer competitive rates.

We also have a Self Storage Estimator on our website for your convenience, to help you decide on which self storage unit is the right option for your items.

Contact us to enquire about renting our safe & secure self-storage units or visit us at www.stortown.co.za. We aim to make storage simple, not stressful.

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