Self-Storage For Students

More than one child in your household? Maybe you have an avid sportsman or sportswoman on your hands? Or possibly a student that has been away studying and has now returned home and you feel as though they’re taking up a bit too much of the free space you have grown to love over the years?

StorTown Secure Self-Storage is here to help!
Our magnificent self-storage units are perfect for:

• Sports equipment
• Furniture and Study materials

student_stor_townStorTown Secure Self-Storage have the perfect solution to assist you in decluttering your home and freeing up some space for your newly qualified son or daughter or for your passionate sportsman or sportswoman whose sporting activities you just cannot keep up with throughout the year.

With both indoor and outdoor storage facilities you can be sure your belongings are stored correctly and safely according to your specifics.


student_stor_town1When it comes to your children’s sporting habits and hobbies, we realise these will change throughout the year, with seasons coming and going and preferences changing as they grow, so why not invest in one of our modern, clean and suitably sized self-storage units to help store the unused sporting equipment each season. Not only will this help you to keep track of things at home; but it allows you to free up some space in the household instead of trying to find space at home to store their unused equipment until the next season starts.


dont_forget_stortownOn the other end of the spectrum, your child may be returning from their time away at university and you may be struggling to make space for them at home. Our self-storage units are perfect for storing even the smallest of belongings such as books and papers from their studies or even your belongings that you may have moved into their bedrooms whilst they were away. The plus side to utilising our self-storage facilities is that we offer quality packaging supplies and services to help make the process that much easier for you, ensuring your belongings are packed, protected and stored correctly.

Our self-storage units are a great investment and we guarantee a pleasant experience with many features such as:

• Lockable self-storage units
• Private units, you lock it and keep the keys
• 5/6 different unit sizes, allowing you to pay for the space you actually need
• Convenient monthly leases with competitive rates
• Secure with armed response

With all of this to think about we realise that there is always that worry of paying for space you don’t need… With StorTown you can relax and enjoy your experience. Our self-storage facilities cater specifically to your individual needs and enable you to pay for the space you are using according to the amount of things you need to store. Our storage estimator assist you with that. Figure out exactly what size unit would be best for the amount of stuff you need to store and only pay for the space you need!

Contact StorTown today to find out more!

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