The start of a new financial year is a chance for business owners to evaluate the last year.  How did your business fair in 2013? Did it do well in some areas and not too bad in other areas?  Could some areas be improved? Or abandoned? Re-evaluating your business means making changes for the better for the new financial year. But can self-storage help your business?

Here are a few ways we can help:

Storage - paperwork
Mondi Boxes

Moving premises

Whether your company is moving to larger premises, or saving space and moving smaller; self-storage means that work can continue during the transition of any move.

Space issues resolved

Many businesses start out in smaller offices, often meaning that space becomes an issue. Storing documents and folders for archiving purposes, can save businesses the task of having to move, saving money and time.

New stock

The start of a new year can mean that many businesses order in extra stock for the first few months of the year, but this also means that the extra stock takes up more room. Self-storage means companies can store extra stock for the time being without the worry of damage or theft.

Building: Bigger and Better

Many businesses also opt to start renovations at the beginning of a new year. This means that stock, folders, equipment and other company goods need to be stored somewhere. Self-storage allows for safe storage while your business renovates and grows in size, literally and figuratively.

Lady - moving
Stortown - Hillcrest Buildings

If your business is planning on going through any changes this year, contact StorTown to find out how we can help store your company’s folders, documents, stock or equipment safely and inexpensively. Contact us today!

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