Prepare for your move!

Are you thinking about relocating? Or maybe you’re in the process of changing careers and are heading overseas on a contractual basis? Either way, we are here to help you prepare for your move.

Moving your belongings can be a stressful and nerve-wrecking task. Using a reputable moving company can help with easing the pressure of moving. We wanted to assist with some key points or questions to ask and look for when choosing your movers.


How long have the moving company been in business?
As with most things, experience counts. Being in the industry for a good amount of time allows moving companies to develop a track record which will give you a good idea on their ability to perform and deliver services of a high standard.

Are they reliable?
Reliability plays a key role in moving consumer’s belongings. Looking at a company’s track record as well as any reviews about the company can help you to better distinguish their level of reliability.

It is also beneficial to ask people you know and trust about their experiences with any moving companies you may be interested in so that you get a good idea of what the company stands for and what level of service they offer…personal experiences provide a good judge of character. Also, give your local Stortown a call as we will happily advise you on moving companies.

Do they have good quality transportation?
Having good quality transportation for your belongings will ensure their safety and security throughout the move.

Trucks that are properly serviced and well-maintained are less likely to break down or have any difficulties whilst en route with your belongings, ensuring their safe delivery.

Do they have a well-trained and experienced moving crew?
Packing boxes and trucks is not just a matter of stacking as many of your belongings into a box or truck. There are a number of techniques that can be used to ensure maximised space and evenly distributed weight so that no belongings get damaged whilst en route.

Making sure your movers are well-trained and have experience in packing boxes and trucks is vital to the safety or your belongings (It is advised that you take out insurance on your belongings as a precaution!)

For peace of mind, be sure to send your moving company to your very own self-storage facility…
The benefits of using a self storage facility such as Stortown is that we offer unlimited access to our units and our customers have a key for their unit.  We believe in being upfront about our costs and we don’t add on any unexpected elements to our services. We also offer different sized units which can be chosen according to your requirements. Our friendly, professional staff are on hand to offer assistance with choosing the best self storage unit and rest assured that we don’t have any hidden costs.

Speak to Stortown for more moving advice and make sure that when you do choose a mover, you’re aware of where your belongings are headed.

Contact us today for any questions or queries regarding our self-storage facilities.

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