Packaging Supplies

Before you start packing, think StorTown. We offer quality packaging supplies such as storage boxes, moving boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape to ensure your belongings are moved and stored effectively. We highly recommended that your goods are wrapped or covered so your treasures are well protected. Forgot your lock? No problem we offer a great selection for you to choose from. Our friendly staff on site will be happy to assist you.

Moving BoxR17
Document Storage BoxR30
Mattress Cover
(Queen Size Bed)
Bubble WrapR4/m
Discus LockR100
Lock CuttingR50


For packaging supplies, storage boxes or moving boxes, pleaseĀ contact us.


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“We have not experienced any problems at any time, and feel that this is due to Mr Gibbs’ dedication to his business”
– Joan Dawson
(Indo Cane Furniture)