Moving House and Packing

A family recently came into Stortown looking to store some of their household contents and they seemed slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience.  This family were building a new house but since it wasn’t ready, they needed to rent for a few months. Their story was one we had heard before so we decided to help our customers with a few tips.  Stortown has a good relationship with moving companies so here are our guidelines on finding reliable movers.

Moving can be a stressful time in that the circumstances around the move might be emotional. For instance an elderly parent who needs help moving into a care facility; there could be a move because of divorce or a child might be moving out of home. Whatever the reason for the move, they can all be stressful situations which might be exasperated by having to find reliable movers.
When deciding on using a moving company
versus moving yourself, be careful not to make rash decisions and think about all aspects of the move. Moving companies do cost money but keep in mind that they are loading and unloading all of your boxes, do you have the physical capabilities or time to do this yourself? Moving house is a good time to take on the project of de-cluttering your house and therefore moving into your new home with only the items you really want and need. Some psychologists say that de-cluttering your home can be therapeutic and what better time to do this than when you are already having to sort through every item in your home?
We are often unaware of how much stuff we have accumulated in our homes until we have to pack this into boxes and realise it is even more than we thought. It is better not to get caught in this situation and get a quote from a professional moving company. Be cautious of any moving company who is prepared to quote over the phone, someone should come to your house for a consultation and provide a written quote. If you decide to move yourself, you have the responsibility of protecting each item and making sure it isn’t damaged but a removal company will assist you with that by offering insurance for your items. They are also the professionals so know how to pack items in order for them to be kept safe during moving.
How do you find the right moving company?
Local newspaper – The Classifieds section in the loal paper is a good place to find names of moving companies
Online – Use Google or websites such as Gumtree to find some potential companies.
Compare price – Get a number of quotes and remember that the cheapest is not always the best.
Research – hellopeter is a website for complaints/compliments and might have information about moving companies in your area. 

Referrals – Your friends and family know you best so ask for a referral.

Moving home might be stressful but it could also be one of the most exciting times of your life as it could be your first home or even better your dream home. Even in times like these, it is still important that you use a professional who has experience in moving homes and will make your transition hassle-free.
Please download a free copy of our moving checklist and next time your family need an interim solution for storage, Stortown can help.

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