Are you a hoarder?

pile_of_stuff_stHere are some tips to put an end to your cluttered lifestyle.

Some clutter around your home is normal. However, if you’re tripping over cluttered items and can’t place anything more in your cupboards, you may just have a slight hoarding problem! Here are some helpful tips to help you de-clutter and stop hoarding!

Start off slowly.  Getting rid of everything at once can lead to strong feelings of anxiety and regret. Rather go through one room per week and really sift the unused goods from the essentials, this way you won’t feel like you’re throwing away everything at once.

Handle objects only once.  If you’re having trouble getting rid of an item, take the time to make a decision about that item so you don’t have to handle it again and again each time you decide to get organised.

recycle_imageScale down.  Instead of keeping all your childhood reports, cards or drawings choose one or two valuable items and toss the rest. This way you will always have the memories without the insane clutter. Try framing your valuable items and display them so it makes it even more special! If you cannot decide to toss or keep an item, put it in a box for 6 months. If you don’t open the box before then, you can let it go without regret. However, if you in fact need these items but have no space, visit our StorTown Self-Storage space estimator page to establish how much space you will need.

Toss un-used items.  It’s simple, if you don’t use it and it has no relevance in your life, donate, store or toss it! There is no point in having a home filled with clutter that no one uses! You don’t need to hold onto everything.

donation_box_imageConsider selling or donating your goods.  
It’s much easier to get rid of an item if you know it’s going to a good home. If the idea of throwing your goods out frightens you, rather donate or sell these items so you at least feel like you’ve been rewarded for de-cluttering your home! Remember StorTown Self-Storage runs an initiative called StorTown cares that takes your unused goods and distributes them to those in need. If you are looking for safe, secure and clean Self-Storage look no further than StorTown, we offer a variety of Self-Storage options that will suit your every need. Contact us today or visit our website on

We have branches in Durban, Hillcrest and Durban North.
Where to find us: 200 Magwaza Maphalala Street (Gale Street), Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
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Where to find us: 138 Chris Hani Drive (Old North Coast Rd)
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