It’s Fresh, It’s Clean – It’s Your Home This Spring!

Make this Spring Clean not only about cleaning your space, but also about clearing the clutter and giving your home a fresh start before summer. This is how:

1. Start Small
When you see how much you’ve accumulated over the past year (or years!) it may seem like a daunting task to clear out the clutter. The trick is to start small.  Instead of tackling the entire house, or even a room – start with a drawer or a couple of shelves

2. Box it Before You Bin it
The well-known ‘Four-Box Method’ is popular for good reason. Have four boxes ready, each with their own purpose:

Throw Away – If it is broken or damaged and not worth repairing or suitable to giving away, put it in the bin.

Give Away/Sell – This is a win-win box. Whether you get the satisfaction of being generous, or you happen to make a bit of cash with it, getting rid of clutter is good for you!

Put Away – This should be your smallest category and only consist of items that you regularly use.

Store – If you end up with items that you simply can’t get rid of, but don’t use, why not store it in a storage unit at StorTown?

If you are not sure about an item, use this checklist to figure it out:

3. Play the Yes, No, Maybe Game With Clothing
Like the ‘Four-Box Method’ is great for figuring out what to do with household items, the ‘Yes, No, Maybe Game’ is a fantastic way of sorting out your clothing. Take everything out of your cupboard and make three piles on your bed. You guessed it… a ‘Yes’ pile, a ‘No’ pile, and a ‘Maybe’ pile. Go through every item of clothing fairly quickly and allocate it like this:

Yes – If it fits well and you regularly wear it, it goes in this section

No – Damaged items or clothing you haven’t worn in a long time go here

Maybe – Clothes you love but don’t wear because it doesn’t fit or for some other reason

Pack all the ‘Yes’ clothing neatly into your cupboard. Use this opportunity to organise everything nicely. Then tackle the ‘No’ pile by deciding what can be given away and what has to be thrown away. Finally, spend a bit more time on your ‘Maybe’ pile. Many of these items can probably go into storage.

4. Reorganise
Now that you have stored away a few things cluttering up your space, it’s time to re-organise. You will be amazed at how fresh your home feels if you move furniture around, it will feel like a brand new home. William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Make this your motto for your Spring Clean – you can always store the rest of it away for now.

Contact us to book a self-storage unit after clearing the clutter this Spring.


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