Effective wine and chocolate self-storage tips

During the cold winter months nothing quite goes together better than a divine glass of wine with some decedent chocolate, however not many people understand the importance of storing these products correctly. Without proper storing care, wine and chocolate can spoil very quickly. Being the storage experts that we are we thought it would be a good idea to present you with some effective StorTown storing instructions to ensure that your brilliant combination tastes nothing short of delicious.



Shelf life
The shelf life for different types of chocolate vary, normal chocolate lasts for about 1 year, dark chocolate lasts about 2 years and white chocolate as well as filled chocolates a mere 3-4 months

Keep away from light
Keep chocolates away from direct sunlight or any direct artificial light as they both cast the same kind of bad-flavour spell as oxygen does.

Store in a cool dry place
Chocolate keeps best between 18°C- 21°C and must be protected from moisture at a humidity less than 55%.

It is recommended that one should try avoiding storing chocolate in the fridge as it absorbs bad odors, however if room temperature is simply too warm and you need to refrigerate your chocolate make sure you wrap the chocolate up tightly and seal it in an airtight container to avoid any bad odors spoiling the chocolate. If you decide to freeze your chocolate make sure that when you want to eventually eat it that you thaw it in the fridge before you take it out to avoid the chocolate “sweating”.

Storing in general
Chocolate still absorbs odors in a cool dry place therefore make sure you store your chocolate in an airtight container regardless.



Before opening
Keep it in a dark place
Make sure you keep your wine from light especially direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures.

Store corked wine bottles on their sides
Storing corked wine bottles upright for a long period of time can make the cork dry out allowing air to eventually get in spoiling the wine, so make sure you store the bottles on their sides.

Keep temperature consistent
For extended aging of wine (more than a year) refrigeration is a must. Wine storage temperature should not go over 24°C, the ideal temperature is 12.2°C.

Don’t move the wine
If possible store your wine in such a way that it doesn’t need to be moved every time you want to get another bottle of wine.

Keep humidity around 70%
High humidity keeps the cork from drying out and minimizes evaporation.

Store for an appropriate amount of time
Not all wines improve over time-
Red wines- 2-10 years
White wines- 2-3 years – However select white burgundies can be aged for up to 20 years

Adjust the temperature before serving
Different wines taste best at slightly different temperatures
Blush, rosé, dry whites – 18-14°C
Sparkling wine and champagne- 6-8°C
Light red wine- 13°C
Deep red wine- 15-19°C

After opening
Re-cork it correctly
Resist placing the “clean” side of the cork in the bottle even though it’s easier as the “clean” side may not be that clean and it can spoil what you’re planning to drink in the next day or two.

There have been some debates about how you should store wine after it has been opened however it seems that refrigerating it seems like the best option as it slows down the process of the wine breaking down quite significantly.

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