Do you want storage space?

Keep your stuff organised & safe by using StorTown’s self-storage units.

Our self-storage units become your very own space to store your home, office and other goods, safely and conveniently. Our self-storage solutions are flexible and accessible, to suit your needs.


Do you want storage space? You do, if you can say yes to any of the following:

• Moving home or office and need to store furniture & goods temporarily.
• Selling your home and want to declutter to make it more attractive to potential buyers.
• Feel like your stuff is overflowing around you, and you don’t know where to put it.Family-with-boxes
• Redoing your flooring, painting walls or other renovations.
• Your garage is so full of stuff that you can’t even fit your car in it!
• Going on a long holiday and don’t want to leave all your goods exposed.
• Working out of the country for a contractual period and don’t want to leave all your furniture and goods in your home.
• Your crafting or modeling hobby has started to take over your home, and you need space to store your tools or items.
• You have your own business and need to store products & stock.
• Couldn’t find your pooch and then found him in a huge pile of toys. Perhaps you can donate the toys to a worthy cause, and store your other stuff in our self-storage units.

03-01Contact our friendly staff who will gladly assist you in choosing the right storage solutions for your needs. We offer storage space in Hillcrest, Durban and Mount Edgecombe.

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