Delicious and Organised Lunchbox Ideas!

Having your kids back at school while you’re back at work you might find yourself struggling to come up with lunch box ideas. We teamed up with NeatFreak to compile a few delicious and organised ideas to inspire you.


Mini Container Set – Neat Freak

Baby carrots, naartjie pieces, cheese, mini sausages and delicious sweet potato, beetroot and butternut chips!  These mini containers are perfect to keep food separated in a lunch bag.

Insulated Food Jar - Neat Freak

Insulated Food Jar – Neat Freak

Cucumber, carrots, strawberries and leftover homemade pizza! If you’re wanting to keep food hot or cold, grab one of these Insulated Food Jars!



Ham and cheese baguette, cucumber and grapes.




Celery and peanut butter, strawberries, kiwi and these bread roll ups! Simply roll out your bread, spread on some peanut butter and fill with fresh fruit then roll your bread up.




Cucumber, carrots, watermelon, grapes, pretzels, ham and strawberries.






school_weekly_plannerNeatFreak has a great School Weekly Planner that you School Weekly Calendar This will make planning meals a lot easier!

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