Couples Survival Guide to Living Together

Shacking up is one of the greatest milestones of a relationship and is especially appealing for those looking to take the next step in their romance. What’s not to love? Splitting the cost of living, not having to maintain two separate households, waking up in the arms of the one you love – it’s enough to make anyone call up their other half and tell them to start packing.
That said, we know all too well how quickly a dream can turn into a nightmare. One minute you’re living the plot of a blissful 50s sitcom, and the next you’re smack bang in the middle of a scene from The Untouchables – with no gun and no inkling to surrender. Fear not, we have a few tips to help you peacefully move in together (and avoid a lengthy trial for murder).

Do it For the Right Reasons
For many, moving in together ends up being something that appears to just happen, rather than a constructive decision where pros and cons are considered thoroughly. It starts with a toothbrush and before you know it you’re freeing up cupboard space and getting keys cut. Make sure you have a detailed conversation about expectations and what it means to move in together.

When couples come together they bring all their stuff with them. Ensure that you have a good discussion about what furniture is coming with you to your new place and which of your items your partner is likely to secretly throw away should you bring them with – Avoid having your collection of Star Wars figurines or stuffed animals chucked and consider hiring a self-storage unit.

Set Ground Rules
You may be new to moving in together, but if you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy you’ll know that the toilet seat is a massive part of any relationship, and it could set the scene for a nightmare waiting to happen. Set ground rules before you move in, and follow them to ensure that you don’t kill each other.

Split the Chores
As human nature goes, you are either a neat freak, or simply don’t care about what goes where. There’s a big chance that either one of you (or both) are the latter. But never fear – a great way to avoid a struggle of tidiness is to split the chores equally (Neat Freaks we’re looking at you!), that means alternating between chores such as washing the dishes, cooking dinner, and cleaning the bathroom. This will help you avoid building clutter in your house – and will make for a happier, cleaner home.  If you do find your joint lifestyle is creating unavoidable clutter, organise what you need right now, and store the rest in your self-storage unit – we have plenty of packing supplies to keep your things safe.

Make Time For Friends
Your poker table or collection of romcoms may have been booted to the self-storage unit, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make an appearance in your home from time to time. To make sure your living experience is fun for everyone,  we’d suggest pulling them out and having a Boys or Girls Night every now and then – they’re also great for complaining about the toilet seat debacle.

Have Fun
Lastly, don’t let the challenges that may arise intimidate you. Moving in together is a massive step for all romances, but it is also one that can lead to some of the greatest memories and times of your life.

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