Braai day at S’Thandokuhle Creche, Inanda Valley

In light of the recent Heritage or Braai Day celebrated across the land, StorTown decided to sponsor a braai at a small crèche situated in the Inanda area, called S’Thandokuhle crèche.

StorTown joined forces with Kim Griffith-Jones from The Robin Hood Foundation who helped organize the event.

S’Thandokuhle crèche is nestled deep within the Inanda Valley and although very humble by modern day standards, the children were extremely proud to welcome their visitors and show them around.

Warm and generous welcomes were extended and much fun was had by all. It was an afternoon filled with lots of laughter, happiness and joy. Whilst the adults treated the kids to food, drink and toys, the kids in turn rewarded the adults by showcasing their dancing and singing skills.

When it was time for goodbyes to be said, it was with newly found inspiration as today a lesson was taught by the children about what life is really all about.

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