A big move! Neat Freak finds a home thanks to StorTown.

Neat Freak owner, Isabelle shares Neat Freak’s journey from home based hobby to warehouse business.

What started out as a ‘this‐seems‐like‐a‐good‐idea’ business in late 2008 has now become my  dream come true. I sit here in my office and look down into the warehouse wondering; “How did I  get here?”  

Way back in 2008, I had recently started my own media business focusing entirely on human rights  NGOs. I enjoyed this work but I needed a change of scenery and the answer came one morning,  after decluttering and organising my own bedroom. It dawned on me that every time I did this in a space, I used the same guidelines and achieved a quick result. Surely people needed this kind of  service?


Fast‐forward to a few years later and it was becoming apparent that the service was a luxury that not everyone could afford or saw the value of. This got me thinking. There are only so many hours  in a day so how could I maximise my earning potential as a professional organiser? And the answer  was to sell products that help you organise your space and life, all the while educating my clients on  how to use them.

This now meant attending week‐end markets and shows to peddle my goods and test what worked  or not. But it wasn’t easy because there was no consistency of products and I soon realised that I  would have to consider creating and manufacturing my own products if I wanted this ‘division’  within the business to work. As this vision gained momentum, I now needed storage space for my  stock and the growing staff requirements. As I worked from home, we made a plan, but as you can  well imagine, it wasn’t fun having stuff in both my garages and stock constantly in the way at home.   I was turning into those clients who need a de‐clutter intervention and really wanted to move to  larger premises but I was afraid of taking that leap.

And that is where opportunity met hard work!  

Isabelle de Grandpre, Neat Freak owner.

Isabelle de Grandpre, Neat Freak owner.

A friend of mine does the marketing and branding for StorTown and suggested that I blog for them, or at the very least, form some kind of association. Located in Durban, Hillcrest and Mt Edgecombe,  StorTown is the most reputable and largest self‐storage facility in KwaZulu‐Natal, offering 1200 clean  and secure self‐storage units. Their core values and commitment to their staff and community also made StorTown an attractive fit for Neat Freak. StorTown also happens to be part of a property company that owns various business parks in the Waterfall area which made a move to one of their  premises all the more attractive for Neat Freak.

The seed was sown and thus began an almost 6‐month ‘discussion’ that I am super‐excited to have concluded. StorTown and Neat Freak have formed an association that will see us working hand‐in‐ hand to build awareness of both our companies’ as well as
providing our customers with access to additional products
and resources.  

Needless to say, Neat Freak is thrilled to be associated with a company that believes in taking chances, thinking out the box and supporting another business owner like myself. Now the next task on my agenda is buying that friend of mine a good bottle of Merlot!

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