8 Packing Tips for Movers

While the excitement of finding a new place to call home can be enough to get anyone moving, cleaning, and packing, the fear that your items may be damaged can make it all too overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your move, store your beloved items safely, and protect your goods while doing so.

1. Use Cardboard Boxes

Possibly the most essential items to protecting your goods, cardboard boxes are easily accessible and won’t cost you much money. Cardboard boxes, which you can purchase at StorTown are flexible, light in weight, and offer a safe way to transport your goods without them banging around or getting damaged.

2. Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

All dishes and ornaments face the risk of breaking during a move, and should be wrapped in bubble wrap before putting them in boxes. For quality bubble wrap that protects your goods when moving, click here.

3. ‘Freeze’ Dresser Drawers

A great way to store items and protect your drawers from damage during a move is by using tape or wrapping them in Glad Wrap. Freezing a dresser drawer means that they essentially become their very own moving boxes and they are protected from scratches.

4. Document Storage Box

All important documents need to be stored safely, and the best way to do this is by obtaining a document storage box that keeps them all in one secure place.This also assists you in keeping track of these documents once you have settled from your move.

5. Keep Small Furniture Accessories Safe

When dismantling furniture, there are often screws and other small accessories that need to be kept safe. Place them in a small plastic bag and tape them to the item of furniture that they belong to.

6. Furniture Covers

Depending on how long your items are going to be in storage for, it is never a bad idea to cover your mattresses and couches to protect them from dust or damages that they could encounter while you move. Not sure where to find one? Click here.

7. Pack Heavier Items in Suitcases

While you may want to pack a suitcase with clothes to live out of for some time, use any additional suitcases you have for moving things like books as they tend to be heavier. Clothes and pillows can easily be stored in garbage bags, adding the benefit of being able to act as padding between furniture in storage.

8. Lock It Up

Purchase a trustworthy lock to ensure that your beloved items are safely stored in your self-storage unit. We sell quality Discus Locks, at StorTown, to lock up your storage unit when you store with us.

For a range of quality packaging supplies such as storage boxes, moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packaging tape, you can visit any one of our stores.

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