5 Tips for Upgrading Your Granny Flat

While a granny flat does an excellent job at adding value to your home, it only truly makes a difference if it is both well-designed and beautifully decorated – not to mention, it is a fantastic way to put your decorating skills to the test! Take a look at the following tips we have put together to help you upgrade and design your granny flat and essentially add substantial value to your home.

1. Connect the Indoors to the Outdoors
This is technically a two-tiered tip, as it refers to bringing the outdoors inside by including gorgeous indoor plants into your decorating, while also referring making the most of your outdoor space. By making the most of your outdoor space with the use of things like chairs, tables and other items we would usually place in our homes, you are able to create a great environment to relax or spend time with loved ones in.

2. Storage
It is important to keep things simple when it comes to decorating a granny flat, as the small space can very easily appear cluttered. Sort through your possessions with the help of some quality storage tips and utilise the space you have wisely by putting things under beds and benches. If you have done a good job sorting and organising and there simply isn’t enough space for your precious belongings, then it is probably a good idea to consider hiring a self-storage unit.

3. Colours and Mirrors
Renovating your granny flat offers a fantastic opportunity to test your creativity, not to mention gain the skills that could set you up for a wonderfully decorated home in the future. Take notice of things like natural lighting and the fact that thicker glass often captures a lot more reflective light, as well as the fact that mirrors can help make spaces look a lot bigger when placed in the right spots.

4. Furniture
One of the most exciting things about renovating a granny flat is the fact that there are endless opportunities when it comes to the furniture that you choose to place in it. A combination of comfort and personal style, the furniture you purchase is what’s really going to bring the place together and create an environment you are happy with. Moreover, don’t be afraid to have fun with the outdoor space that you have either. This can easily be done by including benches, breakfast tables or hammocks to create a peaceful, welcoming space.

5. Kitchen
A kitchen is a place where family and friends come together, nevermind the fact that a wonderfully designed kitchen could essentially be the difference between an average property and a valuable one. Be sure to utilise your space wisely to give you as much opportunity as possible with regards to including awesome aspects that make kitchens just that little bit nicer, such as a nook with stools.

If you are worried about where you are going to put the items you don’t want to feature in your granny flat, fear not because StorTown is here to help. Contact us today for an affordable self-storage unit and a granny flat that an interior designer would be impressed with!

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