10 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Are you putting your house on the market? Before you list it, be sure you have taken the appropriate steps to get it ready to be bought. The little touch-ups and tips presented below can go a long way towards impressing your potential buyers – or perhaps even closing the deal.

1. Clean, clean, and then clean some more!

Leave no corner unclean or unpolished when getting ready to sell your home; from clearing the dust from the top of ceiling fan blades to polishing each and every window in the house. Remember to wipe down appliances and even give your taps a good polish if you really want the place to shine. And if cleaning isn’t really your thing, consider hiring a cleaning service before putting your house on show.

2. Consider Smells.

The way your home smells could be the difference between an offer on your house and an uninterested viewer. Many real estate brokers will advise that you don’t cook bacon the morning of a showing as the smell lingers and you could run the risk of smelling like the inside of a fast food restaurant. Baking cookies or lighting scented candles offer better chances that the buyer will feel a connection to the home.

3. Get rid of the clutter.

When you put your house on show, you want your potential buyers to be able to focus on the positive aspects of your space, and especially not the pile of shoes that have been collecting in the entry nor the mail on the kitchen table. This, along with any other items that take away from your home’s lovely features need to be thrown out or put away in a self-storage unit.

4. Repaint the walls.

Neutral colours are always advisable when selling your home because, despite the wonders the dramatic red wall did for your living room, it might not suit the vision your future buyers may have for that space. Tans and whiter shades will allow your buyers to focus on the space.

5. Keep your decor simple.

Remember, potential buyers will walk through your space and envision themselves in it, so do what you can to help by removing the decor that clearly suits your taste. A painting of the city skyline at night can stay, but something like a leopard print couch should be moved to a storage unit. Click here to hire one now.

6. Bring in light and nature.

Open every window in the house to allow for natural light to come in as bright, cheery rooms are far more appealing than badly lit ones. Potted plants and flowers also add great energy to spaces and can help you draw attention to the things you may particularly want buyers to notice.

7. Remove bulky furniture.

All the furniture you have should fit the scale of the room it has been placed in, so it is always a good idea to put all bulky furniture in a self-storage unit while trying to sell. Big items often make a room look smaller and that is the last thing you want when trying to impress a buyer.

8. Organise everything, including your closets.

Keep all cupboards in the house neat and organised, from the pantry to your bedroom closet. Storage space is a great selling point, so closets that are messy and stuffed to the brim will make your potential buyers think that there simply isn’t enough space.

9. Tackle the to-do list.

It is time to tackle that ever-increasing list of chores you’ve been meaning to do around the house. The little things, like loose doorknobs and dripping taps, will be far more noticeable to buyers and will essentially detract from your home’s value.

10. Give every room a purpose.

While a spare room can be used for many things, such as an office/spare room/common dumping ground for that stuff you just haven’t decided what to do with yet…each room in your home needs to have a purpose so that it makes it easier for buyers to picture a future in that space.

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