10 Tips on how to pack a self-storage unit

box_smiles_imageAt StorTown we know that packing a self-storage unit can be tricky, this is why we have created a list of 10 tips on how to pack your self-storage unit, to utilise space and save you time!

Leave small walkways
Leave a centre aisle between stored items to allow easy access.

Store your frequently used items in the front of the unit.

Leave gaps between your stuff
Leaving gaps between your boxes allows air to circulate the unit protecting your stored items from moisture and mildew.

Dismantle various parts of your furniture to save space.

Use bins
Use bins to keep shovels, rakes and any other garden equipment in.

st_blog_post_Protect your wooden items
Wax wooden items with wood varnish before storing to protect damage from moisture.

Box sizes
Use the same size boxes for easy stacking.

Use labels on your boxes
Once you have labeled your boxes make sure they face the aisle for easy access.

Stacking boxesScreen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.32.04 PM
Stack your boxes high to take full advantage of the space.

Make an inventory
Take note of what items you will be storing and where you will be placing them within the storage unit.

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